Addiction Solitaire is a version of solitaire not so popular as the better known klondike, spider or pyramid. Despite of the totally different layout it shares some of the principles with most of solitaire games. The rules are simple:
  • After the cards are shuffled all of them are dealt in a grid of the 4x13 cards. Then the aces are put back in the stack which will make 4 empty spaces.
  • Move cards in empty positions until all of the cards are ordered from 2 to K. This is the objective of the game.
  • A card can be moved in a an empty position only if the card in the spot before the empty space is the preceding card from the same suite.
  • If a King is followed by an empty space then no card can be added there. When all 4 empty spaces are unusable ┬áthe game gets stick. In that case you can use an reshuffle but take care, only 3 are available.

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